DAY 12

Tina Falk

I am Tina Falk, an Intuitive Chinese Metaphysician and Astrologer. I’ve been practicing this way of life since 2005. My goal is to provide a professional and intuitive perspective to enhance your awareness and appreciation of Self and Space. My role is to bring you into a place of being in gratitude, creating conscious intentions, taking action and believing in your own power. This approach allows me to personalize your whole feng shui experience! I can make recommendations that are specific to you, and each member of your family or business team. Feng Shui has been a true gift to me . . . and my family. I intend for it to be the same for you. 

Yogitta Chitte

Therapist of the New World ,an Intuitive Life Coach , Energy Therapist , Light language Channeler ,Sacred keys codes and Geometries Channeler, Multi- Dimensional Healer & Channeler ,Reiki Master Teacher, Inner Child Therapist,EFT Practioner, Galactic Facilitator,Sound Therapist/ Healer ,Yoga Instructor and Therapist I channel light codes , signs , symbols and sacred geometries .I speak language of light and sing soul song.Light language is the language of our soul .Light language holds codes and frequencies that activate your core essence.Light language has a very strong power to clear negative energies and assist in activating codes. I do conduct therapy sessions one to one on Energy healing & clearing , Activations and Downloading higher energies ,Chakra healing Cleansing and Balancing , Channeled womb healing sessions , Sound healing sessions. Energetic Facial Healing Releasing Therapy Session .Life coaching sessions, combined with Channeling, Healing Coaching and Counseling .All sessions are done distantly and remotely.

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