Nicki Hu

Nicki Hu is a spiritual guide and energy healer. She helps conscious creators finally call in love and money through healing root wounds so they can manifest all that they desire in life. Nicki's journey started with a calling to discover her purpose in life. After three years, numerous programs and courses, not client came through her business. Then, a simultaneous breakdown in her marriage and career life, propelled her on a spiritual awakening journey. She worked on healing her root wounds and karmic contracts, becoming certified as a healer, and within less than a year she aligned to her purpose, saw big shifts in her career, opened up her heart, her spiritual gifts, and transformed her relationship with her husband and her family dynamic. She now helps others who want to have it all, a relationship, a career making money doing what they love, and so much more, do the same through the miracles of healing.

Lily Li

Light Language Activator, Quantum Light Codes Healer, Master Coder, Light Encoded Jewelry Maker

Jennifer Connery

Jennifer Connery Holistic Life Coach helping highly sensitive workers men gently and effusively heal trauma and desire sensational self worth

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