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Testimonial: I had a healing with Camille; it was amazing and profound! I have never been on the receiving end of a channeled healing, or a healing that is centered around the channeling of angelic spirits and energies and this was a mind blowing experience. As she connected to me she could feel that I had blockages that were keeping her from getting any deeper and when she felt them she called them out immediately. She was moving such a powerful amount of energy that I could not stop crying and yawning. The channeling she was enacting was so powerful that I could actually sense the angelic spirits close by and feel the power behind their surety in where they needed to go go next to heal my blocks. I was having a very stressful day before her healing and she also picked up on that and was able to help alleviate my stress and help me heal through a pattern of internal tantrum throwing I do when this same issue comes up. This again was a profound healing experience. Thank you Camille. - Auro Alamar.

Camille Ganir Your Host Turned Speaker

Growing up in Hawaii, it was obvious to me there was more to life than what we see. Superstitions in all religions were always talked about, and in Hawaiian cultures, Kahunas and their ceremonies were always respected. My curiosity was always there but it wasn't until a heartbreak in 2009 that I sought out help from an energy healer, who gave me a reading and so much more. I began taking classes non-stop for the next thirteen years and my world shifted unrecognizably. Confronting anger around the family and health/nutrition problems were some of the first shifts I experienced.  I know the relief and miracles that can happen doing this work; I now help people do the same, shift family dynamics and ancestral patterns to help eliminate health issues and get to the root of the problem so it goes away for good! 

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