Susan Pullen

Susan Pullen guides people through changing repeating patterns and stuck places in their life so they can live their gifts and potential. She is a life coach and healing facilitator with True Radiance Healing Arts.

Di Challenor

Meet Di Challenor How Trusting Your Gut and Intuition Can Save You from Making a Costly Mistake Di Challenor's life has been marked by a series of traumatic events that left her grappling with grief and pain. From the loss of loved ones to enduring abusive relationships, Di's life seemed to be a never-ending cycle of despair. But despite the overwhelming odds, Di refused to give up. Instead, she turned to her intuition, determined to find the hidden secrets that would allow her to break free from her past and start the healing process. Using her innate gifts and a deep understanding of energy healing, Di was able to overcome the darkest moments of her life. She discovered that by tuning into her intuition and trusting her inner voice, she could access the guidance and strength needed to overcome any challenge. Today, Di is committed to helping others tap into their own intuition, teaching them how to listen to their inner wisdom and unleash their full potential. Through her coaching and healing services, she inspires others to take control of their lives and find the path to a brighter future.

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