Mai Ka (MK) Yang is an artist and entrepreneur. Through the transformative practice of photography, spiritual healing, life coaching, and sound healing her work revolved around the topic of healing.

Moriah Williams

Moriah is a holistic practitioner, writer, and portal witch who works with folks who are interested in exploring body-based, sociopolitical, and/or spiritual and nature-based aspects of healing. Moriah offers private sessions and classes to support others in befriending themselves and their power and connect more deeply with their intuition and capacities for healing themselves and the earth.

Geraldine Crane

Geraldine Crane is a Serene Spiritual Empowerment Guide, she works with women who have had a difficult, harmful or toxic relationship with their mothers, to realise their worth, find peace and develop a loving relationship with themselves, and in doing so develop happier healthier relationships in all areas of their lives. Geraldine uses Serene Spiritual Coaching and hypnotherapy to help them to reconnect with their inner divinity, their inner resilience, and the love of their Spirit Guides.

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