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Growing up in Hawaii, it was obvious to me there was more to life than what we see. Superstitions in all religions were always talked about, and in Hawaiian cultures, Kahunas and their ceremonies were always respected. My curiosity was always there, but it wasn't until a heartbreak in 2009 that I sought out help from an energy healer who gave me a reading and so much more. I began taking classes non-stop for the next thirteen years, and my world shifted unrecognizably. Confronting anger around the family and health/nutrition problems were some of the first shifts I experienced. I know the relief and miracles that can happen doing this work; I now help people do the same, shift family dynamics and ancestral patterns to help eliminate health issues and get to the root of the problem so it goes away for good! - Camille Ganir

Whether you purchase the VIP package or not, we encourage you to tune into each and every episode, take notes, and prepare for a masterclass-like series. It's important to truly understand what healing is and how it happens to begin to heal and create a life you are passionate about! You have an incredible opportunity here to shift your reality. Set your calendars for June 6, 2023, as we take you on a healing journey!

Higher Guidance

Camille was there for me to help me open up to what it was I needed. When I felt that I had gone as far

as I could and Camille would keep saying go deeper there's more, fill it out, breathe through it. It was uncomfortable to push past those limitations! that I've set for myself but working through it help me to open up to more of my true self.  I truly feel that it was a process of digging deeper opening up and allowing myself to receive what is already mine feeling into the knowing. The end of the session was beautiful I didn't want it to end my heart was so full of love my body was light and @ peace. I could feel the higher guidance around me. 

Wendy Everett

Spiritual Coaching 


I experience Camille as an empathetic and soft person. I felt good before the session and when we ended, I was very emotionally affected and had to take care of it afterwards. 

Camille guided me deep into my heart, and I clearly felt light beings around me. It became very emotional with all the love I felt so had to cry out afterwards.

├ůsa Salomonsson 

Spiritual Coaching


I have had the distinct pleasure and privilege to both receive energy healing and guidance from Camille and to assist her in her work with others as a channel for loved ones who have crossed over to the other side. 

Camille is the real thing. She is an incredibly powerful healer who is able to directly channel those who have passed to the other side in order to offer comfort, healing, clarity and closure to their loved ones still on the earth plane. Additionally she is a direct channel for archangel

Michael and uses this angelic healing energy to offer both divine guidance and powerful energetic healing. During our sessions I was in awe of how easily she was able to go into a deep trance state and how incredibly on point and powerful both the energy healing and the messages were for me. She picked up on exactly where I was at and what I needed without me telling her much at the outset of the session. 

Furthermore, she provides this healing with the utmost humbleness, compassion and grace that makes the receiver feel held, loved and accepted in her presence. I would highly recommend her sessions to anyone seeking deep healing and clarity.

Rose Coleman

Spiritual Coaching

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