Join Camille Ganir and Astryd Schiller for a one-hour healing special that promises to deliver a powerful energy healing and channeled healing. This is a wonderful opportunity to experience the incredible power of two skilled and gifted healers. The best part? It's completely free! Simply register above to secure your spot and enjoy this transformative healing session. Don't miss out on this remarkable opportunity for healing and rejuvenation.


I woke up feeling so good on Monday morning! I also won $200 in the lottery that day!! I manifest money a lot, but I had been feeling blocked. I really feel you helped open something up for me that is life-changing! - Serella

Camille is an amazing healer and channel. When I worked with Camille, I came in with blocks around being authentic to myself and following my own intuition. I had blockages around creativity, and she healed this energetically. She also channeled for me that in my past life, I had the heart of an artist, and in this life, I am meant to profit from it. This resonated so deeply for me and gives me the confidence to keep going on my path. My second session with Camille was for my grandmother, who has stage 4 pancreatic cancer. She called upon the angels to give guidance and pinpointed exactly what the root cause of my grandmother's illness was, along with suggesting remedies I could use to alleviate some of her pain. She also performed energy healing for her. I highly recommend Camille; she is a powerful energy healer and channel.  Nicki -

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